The G1 BPT212

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The main features include, clean and distortion tube channels, tone controls for each channel (treble, mid, bass), a proprietary lush double reverb circuit on both channels, an effects send/return (the send will act as a preamp out if no return is present), and a bright switch for Fender amp lovers. The power LED will light blue when running on battery power, and glow green when running on AC power. This full featured 60 watt guitar amp will run for well over 4 hours on a single battery charge. We are using Eminence high quality neodymium magnet speakers giving the amp a very warm, rich sound. The G1 is also equipped with “universal power.” This allows our amp to operate or charge with any voltage from 90-240VAC. We believe our guitar amplifier is the only one in existence using a combination of tubes and solid state devices to achieve this level of performance and quality. We offer a wide selection of hardwood cabinet choices, and a rugged tolex G1 amp handmade in Northern California. Our custom options enable all our customers to build the amp of there dreams and play it wherever they choose!

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